What is the NijSAC?

The Nijmeegse Student Alpes Club is a student association with the goal of promoting mountain sports under the students of Nijmegen. As an association we combine sport climbing, bouldering, alpinism and fun activities that you may expect from a student association in Nijmegen. With monthly drink nights, game evenings and other activities you can quickly make friends with other NijSAC’ers.

Obviously NijSAC is a sports association, which means that we organise education in sport climbing. From the ground up you will be educated to become an independent sport climber; where you learn simple climbing technique (how do I climb?) and safety techniques (belaying, material knowledge and use). After this initial education you can continue by learning lead climbing, where you learn to take up your own rope, and multipitch climbing, where you learn to climb very long routes outdoors (you are not bound to a maximum of 40 meters, but you can do a multiple of a hundred times of that!). Now it’s time to have some fun with climbing, and you can use these techniques in nature.

Next to sport climbing also bouldering, which is climbing short boulder problems no higher than 5 meters using soft falling mats, and alpinism is done with NijSAC. For alpinism you can participate in a C-course in the alps, via NijSAC. Here you learn to navigate through alpine terrain (block terrain, glaciers, snow couloirs and more). For an impression you can watch the video’s below:

Become a member?

Do you want to become a member of NijSAC, and join us on our adventures? Send an Email to bestuur@nijsac.nl for more information or click here to become a member immediately.