Sponsors and discounts

At the moment, we work together with two sponsors for our mutual benefit. This page gives an overview of the sponsors, and what deal we have with them.


Quest-Events (QE) is an event-organiser for active group activities. Examples of such activities are zip-lines and rappels, and also more active team-building games (e.g. building a 3m large katapult with some logsand ropes). Recently, QE has done a few jobs with Make-A-Wish for rappelling of hospitals and visiting children behind the windows dressed up as e.g. superheroes. This was one of the few activities that was possible for very ill children to do safely during corona.

With some of these jobs, QE can use the help of NijSAC members. Not only are those jobs very cool to contribute to, but members also get a compensation. The participants themselves get 3 euros per hour. Besides that, 7 euros per hour are donated to the NijSAC. QE is also involved in some of the introduction activities organised by the NijSAC.

Participating in QE jobs not only helps the NijSAC and QE, but also yourself: your social ability to deal with wildly varying people is trained, you gain technical insights into professional climbing gear and safety; and improve skills such as improvisation, vigor and addaptability.

If you want to help with such an activity you can email or respond to an invitation-mail for a specific activity.


We work with Dressme for the NijSAC-clothing. At Dressme we get favourable prices for our own clothing designs. These clothes lift up the club-spirit.

Jumpsquare Nijmegen

NijSACers get a 50% discount on free jumping 60, 90 and 120 minutes on Tuesday evenings between 19:00 and 21:00 with the discount code NIJSAC50. You also get a 20% discount on free jumping 60, 90 and 120 minutes on the other days with the code NIJSAC20.


As a member of the NKBV you can get a discount at several shops (for instance at Bever), keep an eye on this!

Interested to become a sponsor?

Contact : we are open to new opportunities.